Body Contouring Treatment – What Is It?

Body contouring treatment has become exceptionally popular all over the world. Even with diet and exercise, a lot of people have stubborn pockets of fat that won’t seem to shift. This includes bra rolls, bingo wings, abdomen pouches, male breasts, saddle bags, love handles, turkey necks, and fat around the inner thighs. With body contouring, you are able to achieve an improved shape and a soft silhouette, and there is no need for surgery. Because of this, no downtime, injections, or anaesthesia are required. This is ideal for anyone that feels self-conscious about the way they look.

If you take a look on the Internet, you will see that there are numerous options for body contouring UK wide. One of the most popular solutions is CoolSculpting. In fact, this is the only non-surgical fat-reduction procedure that is FDA-cleared and uses controlled cooling. The results are proven, lasting, and noticeable. So, what should you expect if you visit a cosmetic surgery London clinic for this treatment? Well, first, you will have a consultation with a trained CoolSculpting clinician. They will determine your suitability for the treatment and they will answer any queries you have.

As everyone is different, they will put together a tailored plan to suit your needs, and they will also give you a quote for the cost of body contouring. When your treatment day arises, a gel pad and applicator will be applied to the target areas. The applicator is designed to ensure the targeted fat receives the controlled cooling that is required to eliminate it. Most treatments will last around an hour, after which you are free to go about your usual daily life. There is no recovery period, so you don’t need to worry about avoiding the gym or booking any time off work. Results will then take between a few weeks and months to show, but when they do, they will be very noticeable.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding regarding body contouring and what it entails. At Mallucci London, we provide CoolSculpting, and we are sure you will be more than happy with the body contouring surgery cost we quote you. Our team has an extensive amount of experience in the industry, and it is led by award-winning surgeon and plastic and cosmetic surgeon, Mr Patrick Mallucci. For more information, please head to Otherwise, you can give our friendly and professional team a call on 0207 901 8502.