Breast Augmentation London Based Options – A Handy Guide

Breast augmentation London wide options are numerous. As cosmetic surgery London based practices have become more refined in recent years, the clinics offering such procedures have increased. While this is ostensibly good for patient choice, it can mask the credentials of some of the best clinics around. Price is obviously a consideration. However, it remains a fact that when dealing with any kind of cosmetic surgery you get what you pay for. So, with that in mind, you need to know your stuff. Exactly what is breast augmentation, why do women choose it and what can you expect during the process?

Your Cosmetic Surgery London Wide Choices – Why Breast Augmentation?

The most commonly recognised type of breast augmentation is breast enlargement. This type of surgery can increase the size of the breast, along with the shape and fullness. Breast augmentation London based options can help you achieve the breasts you want. Women choose London breast augmentation and botox clinic London services for a variety of reasons. If you have naturally small breasts and want to increase their size then London breast enlargement options can work for you. Similarly, many women find that their breast shape and size can alter after certain changes in their life. For instance, pregnancy and breastfeeding can impact your breasts, along with weight loss that can change your overall shape. Another common reason that women choose breast surgery is because their breasts are asymmetrical. This is a frequent issue for women and some turn to surgery to help fix the issue. Breast surgery is also a practical solution to improve the breasts following damaging surgery. One woman’s individual reasons for choosing breast surgery can be wildly different to another’s. Women have reported that cosmetic surgery improves their self-esteem and their self-image. Breast augmentation works by implanting a prosthesis into the breast which augments the breast, along with reconstructing and creating the image of a breast where this is required. There are several types of implant, including saline and silicone gel implants. Before you have any type of surgery, it’s important that you consider all the different options and the risks attached to cosmetic surgery of any type.

What To Expect From Breast Enlargement In London

Breast enlargement in London is offered by many clinics and surgeons. Choosing the best for you can sometimes seem like a mammoth task. However, one of the worst ways you can possible pick any cosmetic surgery is by price alone. This isn’t to say that cheaper clinics don’t have quality surgeons of their own; it just makes it more likely that you’ll encounter problems further down the road. Perhaps the clinic’s aftercare isn’t all it should be, or the overall experience isn’t what it could be. Whatever the issue, you should always trust your health to one of the best breast augmentation London based clinics. They will always offer detailed consultations where they get to know about you and your health, ensuring that any cosmetic surgery is in your best interests. They then explain the details of the procedure to make sure that you fully understand what will happen and how long after the operation it will take for you to fully assess the results of the procedure. It’s important that you follow any instructions your surgeon gives you about aftercare and looking after yourself following the surgery. For instance, you will be prescribed medication and it’s vital that you take it as directed. There will also be follow up visits that you must attend to ensure your health. Putting your trust in a clinic such as Mallucci London ensures that you get the very best cosmetic treatments available and the best aftercare for the best possible price.

Your Ideal Breast Augmentation London Service Is Waiting At Mallucci London

At Mallucci London, we’re proud of all our cosmetic surgery London based procedures. One of the innovations we’ve installed recently is our breast ultrasound service, part of our commitment to excellent breast augmentation London based solutions. This allows us to keep your health as our top priority throughout your consultation, surgery and aftercare. This fits into our ethos as a caring cosmetic clinic intent on putting our clients first. You can learn more about our cosmetic options by visiting If you’d prefer to speak direct to one of our experienced team, enquire via telephone on 0207 901 8502.