Cosmetic Surgery Clinic London – The Optimal Age Guide

Cosmetic surgery clinic London based may be something you are looking for if you are interested in treatment like liposuction or botox, or any other type of cosmetic procedure. But, what is the right age to get London cosmetic surgery? Of course, most treatments are available for all ages, and it does depend on the individual in question. However, there are ‘optimal ages’ whereby certain treatments are most effective. For example, if you are interested in laser skin resurfacing, it is best suited for those aged 50 or older, as it is an aggressive procedure. There are other skin treatments available for younger people.

Liposuction is a popular treatment, most cosmetic surgery London prices for this procedure being £4000+. Most people get liposuction when they are between the age of 30 and 35-years-old. The same can be said for a tummy tuck. Most surgeons agree that it is best to have a tummy tuck after you have had your last child, which for most people is after the age of 35 older. This is because you stretch everything when you get pregnant, making the surgery pointless if you plan on further pregnancies. What about breast surgeries? The optimum age for a breast uplift is 45, however, this is very subjective, as everyone’s breasts develop differently.

For breast implants, most patients are between 25 and 28 years old, with 50 years old being the upper limit in most cases. Eye bag surgery is ideal for anyone aged over 18, while the optimum age for an eyelift is 40, and a facelift is 50. For botox, most people don’t develop wrinkles until their late 30s or early 40s, so this is when most seek treatment. If you are interested in any type of cosmetic surgery London, get in touch with the best cosmetic surgeon in London at Mallucci London. Head to, or book a consultation with one of our team on 0207 901 8502.