London Breast Augmentation – Implant Techniques

London breast augmentation involves the placement of an implant beneath the individual’s breast tissue. This is designed to enhance the shape and the size of the breast. To insert the implants, an incision is made either in the armpit, under the breast at the crease, or around the nipple. In regards to implant placement, you have two options. The first is sub-muscular placement, which is when the implants are placed behind the breast and chest wall muscle. The other option is sub-glandular placement, which is behind the breast. Your surgeon will advise you on the best technique for your requirements.

But, what is the difference between these types of breast augmentation London? Slender patients or those that do not have a lot of breast tissue tend to have implants inserted behind the muscle because it provides more padding. The muscle helps to hide the upper half of the implant, providing more cover. If the implant was to be placed behind the breast on a slender patient, it may be detectable through the skin. On the other hand, placing the implant behind the breast is a much easier procedure. It is also ideal for any patients that have slightly drooping breasts. The choice between the two should not impact breast augmentation London prices.

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