London Breast Enlargement – Everything You Need To Know

London breast enlargement, also known as breast augmentation, is typically done by inserting an implant underneath the breast to make it appear bigger. While it is typically a treatment for those with smaller breasts, it can also be used to fill out breast that were once larger, for example, following a pregnancy, as well as correcting breasts that are not the same in size. Most people that have breast augmentation London wide are delighted with the results, but you may have a few questions before getting this procedure, and it is important that you are fully aware of what it entails.

When you book an appointment for breast augmentation, you will have a consultation with the surgeon first. They will listen to what you hope to achieve from the surgery and examine your breasts to determine the best way about it. They may even advise alternative treatments that are better suited to your requirements, such as a non surgical breast lift London based. So, what can you expect on the day and afterwards? On the day, you arrive at the hospital. The surgeon will most likely visit you before the treatment and draw some marks on your breasts and around them to help them through the surgery. You will be put under general anaesthetic for the surgery itself. You may need to stay in hospital overnight once the surgery is complete.

After the surgery, expect swelling and soreness for a couple of weeks. It is a good idea to wear a sports bra for extra support while you are recovering. You can’t do anything physically demanding for at least a week after the surgery. Your surgeon will advise specifically on this. One other thing you may be concerned about is breast implants London cost. It is impossible to give you a definitive answer, as there are many different factors involved, including the clinic you choose, the procedure itself, and the length of time you are going to be in hospital. However, what you should do is get a quote during your consultation and ensure that it is put in writing.

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