Non Surgical Treatment Options For Those In Search Of Cosmetic Surgery

Non surgical treatment choices have increased as technology and medical innovation has proliferated in recent years. For example, while lasers have been used for non-surgical treatments in cosmetic surgery London based clinics and beyond for many years, refinements have meant that more ways of using them effectively have been found. In addition, non-surgical ways of treating body issues that previously would have involved going under the knife have been created. London cosmetic surgery has been opened to a new set of clients who would not have previously considered cosmetic surgery in its more traditional sense, but are willing to undergo non-surgical procedures.

Finding The Right Cosmetic Surgery London Based Clinic For You

One thing that it’s important to recognise is that non-surgical cosmetic treatments are not regulated by the Care Quality Commission in the UK as surgical treatments are. This means that there is a lot more scope for unregulated clinics to open up and for potential clients to be treated poorly when they go for a non surgical treatment. This is one reason why it’s important to check the credentials of any clinic where you plan on having non surgical cosmetic treatments. Ensure that they have a strong track record in delivery and check out the positive reviews for analysis. Above all, remember that, although this isn’t a surgical procedure, you are putting your appearance and health in this team’s hands. Trust is vital. Non surgical beauty treatments should only be administered by experts who know what they’re doing and price should never be the sole factor in your decision. You might see a cheap offer and believe that the clinic is worth a shot. However, badly administered non-surgical treatments can still cause problems. Similarly, don’t sign up for any procedure, surgical or non-surgical, on a whim. Some clinics can tempt clients with special offers, provided they book instantly. This is never a clever idea. Reputable clinics know that all types of cosmetic treatment are big decisions are so they will make sure that you’re fully aware of the benefits and risks before you undertake anything. This includes offering you a consultation that will fully assess your needs.

The Growing Popularity Of Non Surgical Facial Treatments

One of the areas of their appearance that many people have problems with accepting, or do not like, is the face. For example, as the face ages, wrinkles and lines naturally appear. However, in some people, these wrinkles are more acute and can make them look prematurely old. This can have a significant impact on how they feel about themselves. Similarly, you may have other skin issues or feel as though your lips or cheeks are letting you down. Whatever your concern with your face there are likely to be non surgical facial treatments that could help you. As far as forehead wrinkles and lines are concerned, Botox and dermal fillers are proven non-surgical techniques, although they work in different ways. Botox works by freezing the lines, while dermal fillers essentially fill them in. Neither are usually permanent, but they have excellent reputations for helping both men and women achieve the facial appearance they want. Equally, the use of lasers has been refined in recent years and can treat the skin in a variety of ways to help remove blemishes. These include skin resurfacing, scar treatment and wrinkle reduction. There are also options available for a non surgical facelift treatment that can reduce the fat in stubborn areas of your face. CoolSculpting is one such procedure and works by freezing areas of fat so that the cells die and the fat reduces. Whichever non-surgical option you choose, ensure that you book your treatment at a reputable clinic, like the one run by Mallucci London in Kensington.

Find The Ideal Non Surgical Treatment For You With Mallucci London

Mallucci London are proud to provide a range of non surgical treatment options that our clients are delighted with. These range from laser therapies through to Botox and dermal fillers, with a full list available on our website. During the consultation process, you’ll find that we are one of the most dedicated cosmetic surgery London options for you, as we strive to find the perfect treatment for every individual. We recognise that cosmetic surgery is a serious step, whether it’s surgical or non-surgical, and so we work hard to make the experience a positive one. Learn more by visiting or calling 0207 901 8502.