Skin Tightening Procedures For Body - An Introduction To CoolSculpting

Skin tightening procedures for body are widely available from cosmetic surgery clinics throughout London and the UK. One form of skin tightening that is becoming more and more popular is CoolSculpting. We reveal everything you need to know about it in this post. So, how does CoolSculpting work? This is a procedure that involves using round paddles in different sizes to suction your fat. You will sit down in a reclined chair while the cooling panels get to work on crystallising your fat cells, which reduces them by between 20 to 25 per cent.

Unlike liposuction, skin tightening procedures are for those seeking mild results, rather than being a major fat removal treatment. As mentioned, around a quarter of your fat cells are removed, resulting in a slimmer and more toned appearance. It often takes a few treatments for you to get optimal results. Generally, the more treatments you have, the better results you will see. This should all be explained to you during the consultation you must have with your surgeon. Not matter whether you are interested in skin tightening procedures for stomach or any other part of the body, the consultation also involves an assessment of your skin quality and how many treatments you are likely to need.

You may be wondering whether skin tightening procedures for arms, stomach, or thighs is a permanent procedure. It is; you can expect lasting improvements to your body. What is important to recognise is that this type of cosmetic surgery London wide does not make you lose weight, rather you lose fat. You may think this is the same thing, but with CoolSculpting your fat cells are eradicated. However, when you lose weight, they simply get smaller, and they expand again if or when, you put weight on again.

The risks associated with this treatment are very low, and if you are wondering when to start the treatment, it is a good idea doing it three months in advance of your target date – i.e. the date you have in mind to achieve your goal weight or shape. This may be a wedding or a summer holiday you are taking. If you still have questions about skin tightening procedures for tummy or any other area of the body, all you need to do is get in touch with our team at Mallucci London. To book a consultation at the state-of-the-art clinic, call 0207 901 8502. Otherwise, you can view our website at